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Seniors’ mental health needs are greater than ever before – we’re here to help.
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Greenhouse Mental Healthcare is a leading Midwestern provider of counseling services and behavioral therapies since 2001. We are committed to helping seniors to heal, grow, and thrive.

Our Mental Health Services

We provide a full spectrum of counseling services

Counseling and Assessments

Aging and recovery can present significant mental health challenges. From depression due to changes in circumstance or ability, to the onset of age-related cognitive disorders, we work to assess residents and develop effective therapies.

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Medication Management

Attentive and controlled med management is critical to seniors’ health and quality of life. We help manage medications to ensure proper dosage, safe drug combinations, and the avoidance of adverse side effects.

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Crisis Care and Counseling

Your facility is never without on-call support for unexpected and emergent situations that require immediate attention and care. Greenhouse has your facility, staff, and residents covered when it’s needed most.

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Family Therapy

Residents and patients aren’t the only ones impacted by a change in living situation, ability, or health. We offer joint therapeutic support services for seniors’ families learning to cope with both their own challenges and those of their loved ones.

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Grief Counseling

Losing a loved one is a traumatic and stressful event – particularly for seniors who are often more susceptible to depression and loneliness. Our clinicians provide compassionate guidance, helping seniors through such difficult times.

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Staff In-Services

Our expert clinical team can provide in-service training for facilities, helping to ensure that our partners have the necessary skills and strategies to best care for residents with mental health challenges within the full spectrum of daily care.

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