Greenhouse Mental Healthcare is dedicated to serving nursing facilities as a trusted partner and mental health provider. We take a collaborative and preventative approach to mental health and healing for seniors and patients within residential care facilities. We customize every partnership to address the specific needs of each facility we serve. From urban to rural, large to small, or skilled nursing to independent living, we work to help all partner facilities achieve optimal care and outcomes.

When not diagnosed and treated appropriately, mental health concerns often result in increased operating costs and staff/nursing attention, and an overall decrease in efficiencies and quality of care. With Greenhouse as your mental health services provider, your facility will experience immediate and long-term benefits. Consider these facts:

• Mental health and psychiatric services provided to residents of nursing facilities have significant positive impact on morbidity and mortality rates.
(American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry)

• Mental health services in nursing facilities are associated with improvement in symptoms and functioning among 51-78% of residents who receive services.
(Journal of Psychiatric Services)

• Mental health services on a contract basis – in the manner in which Greenhouse provides services – are proven to result in more satisfactory care and higher frequency of visits and consultations than fee-for-service models.
(American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry)

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Become a Greenhouse

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Results You Can Count On

Let Us Help Improve Patient Care and Performance

Quality of Life

Counseling leads to
improved mental
healthcare and quality of
life for residents.

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Most services are at no
financial obligation to
facilities or residents. We
never bill patients or families.


Preventative assessments
and therapies address
undiagnosed and
untreated conditions.

Collaborative Care

We form collaborative
relationships with facility
psychiatrists to ensure
continuity of care.


We provide
comprehensive progress
notes and plans outlining
courses of treatment.

Med Reduction

Our intervention
strategies aim to reduce
medication dependencies
whenever possible.

Staff Education

We offer staff education
and training that
introduce mental health
best practices.

Improved Ratings

Counseling services help
achieve better
performance on state
audits and evaluations.

Family Engagement

We offer family
counseling to engage
residents’ families in their
loved one’s care.