Senior Crisis Care and Counseling Services

Your facility is never without on-call support for the most challenging and emergent cases that require immediate senior crisis counseling services in Indiana.

Our dedicated team of licensed mental health clinicians will respond as immediately as possible upon notification of an emergent care case. Such cases typically involve residents in critical states of mental distress that may include thoughts or intents of suicide or physical harm to themselves and/or others. Given high rates of mental illness and depressive states in residential care facilities, and coupled frequently with ongoing physical illness as well, suicide risk among the aging community is significantly elevated and must be appropriately monitored.

Crisis and emergent cases frequently require round-the-clock observation by the facility staff until the crisis has been resolved by a qualified mental health practitioner, or until immediate hospitalization is deemed necessary. Greenhouse will work to avoid costly hospitalizations when clinically appropriate and when in the best interest of the patient. Our team will thoroughly evaluate the resident’s mental state and implement behavioral interventions to resolve the crisis whenever possible. We will also work the facility and the resident to develop and manage a mental health treatment plan and possible psychotropic medications to treat the resident’s ongoing presenting symptoms and to identify specific sources of stress.

In the event of a mental health crisis, you may rest assured that Greenhouse has your facility, staff, residents, and their families covered when it’s needed most.

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